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Welcome to RL George Art!

Image of Jesus forgiving and lift up the lowly.

Presenting Opportunities for Moments of Graces & Mercy.

“The art is not for me but for others, to serve as opportunities for moments of God’s graces and mercy in order to lift the heart and mind to God, to give the soul a sense of the eternal, and to witness redemption.” - RL George

Christian art is a vital visual ingredient to the religious experience of our Catholic faith. To place religious art around the home, the office, and our lives on-the-go serves to cultivate the inner riches of who we are becoming in Christ.
What’s more, religious art becomes an impregnable tool in the life of the believer for presenting opportunities of God’s graces and mercy, to lift the heart and mind to God, to give the soul a sense of the eternal, and to witness redemption.

George Studios currently offers gallery framed prints and fine art giclée museum quality prints.

We will be uploading newer works from time to time.

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Our Lady of Vang

Image of Our Lady of Vang image by Richard L George

Painting Over the Shoulder

In 1998 I had one of the most diffult commission: I had to become a live paintbrush under the watchful eye of the one who commissioned it. Every stroke had to reveal the way he saw it. It was very challenging both to suppress how I thought it should look and to just allow myself to become the paint brush of someone else.

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Throwing Colors on the Canvas

Bishop Olmstead rescuing a lamb caught in the thicket image by Richard L George

Painting with Haste

With a couple of days left before Bishop Thomas Olmstead's installation as the Bishop of the Dioceses of Wichita, I was approached by Fr. Tom Hoisington with the request to paint a special image for the installation Mass that was impregnated with symbolic signifiance of the calling and position of the his office. It would not be the first nor the last time in which I was given a couple of days lead time to complete a painting.

I learned later that a number of people were touched by the image.

So sometimes it's worth painting in haste . . .

A Surprise Snap Shot

Holy Trinity Vandalia, IL Conference Banner by Richard L George

A Fleeting Moment in the Making of Art

15 years ago I had a surprise visit from my great aunt Louise three days into the painting of this image of the Most Blessed Trinity on which occasion she took this picture.

In the end, it was providential that she took this picture, for I was so busy with obligations and commitments at the time it needed to ship that I failed to get a picture of the final painting.

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